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Along the steep ramp

Educational trail
A person is shoveling coal into the boiler of a steam locomotive

The heritage structure "Schiefe Ebene"

Along the steep railway line "Schiefe Ebene" there is an educational trail which highlights the distinctive historical and architectural features of the historic landmark. Several stations are signposted with information boards about the line's history. 


Eight kilometres from the valley to the top station

The trail which is roughly eight kilometres long (we recommend going from Neuenmarkt to Marktschorgast) has an altitude difference of 158 metres between the valley station and the top station. After the hike, the "Schiefe Ebene" documentation center awaits you in Marktschorgast. 

Roughly three hours should be arranged for the hike. We recommend sturdy shoes as the decents and ascents, which will be rewarded with beautiful views, are occasionally rather steep.

A group of hikers walking along the railway track
A railway bridge going over an underpass
An idyllic landscape with a beautiful view on the valley
A signpost mounted on a tree guides the way to the DDM
A ditch surrounded by mossy cobblestone
A passage passes under the railway track of the Schiefe Ebene