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Experience the steam locomotive with all your senses!

Experience History
The wheel of a steam locomotive

Be fascinated by the giants made of steel!

Marvel at technology
Window of the driver's compartment of a locomotive

Learn about the technology behind the locomotives!

Discover something new
A row of steam locomotives

The "Schiefe Ebene" ("steep incline") is Europe's oldest steep ramp used purely for rail transport. To this day, the educational trail along the railway line tells the impressive story of overcoming a height difference of 158 meters.

The museum is the starting point of the exhibition area and includes - aside from the roundhouse and its exhibits of steam locomotives - exhibitions about related topics like the "Schiefe Ebene" and the "railway village".

The initially small village of Neuenmarkt transformed into an aspiring small town in the course of the industrialisation in the 19th century. A tour through the village provides the opportunity to discover its close link to the history of steam locomotives.

Three yellow arrows show the way through the museum. The steam locomotive 10001 can be seen on the right.
German Steam Locomotive Museum

Amidst beautiful Upper Franconia, at the foot of the "Schiefe Ebene", lies the railway village Neuenmarkt. The local German Steam Locomotive Museum offers a special and unique way to experience steam locomotives. 

Experience the history of the "black giants" in a historical setting and be amazed by the fascinating technology behind steam locomotives.

Dear visitors,

The museum's development concept 2020 is nearing completion!

A lot has changed at the museum: in our new entrance building, our visitors will be greeted by a new model of the running gear of a 01 1080 which can even be put into operation. The tracks of our narrow-gauge railway were replaced and refurbished, which means that rides can once again be offered. The newly designed area of the permanent exhibition "Schiefe Ebene" was fully reworked, the model railway layout on a scale of 1:87 is now up to date and the models which you can try out yourselves are ready to go!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, additional offers like tours, seminars and other events are unfortunately restricted at the moment. If you are interested, please contact us in advance: we will do our best to find an individual solution for your wishes. 

We are looking forward to your visit!